Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[SPREE CLOSED] SHINee World Concert Tees

Hi all,

[SPREE CLOSED; I will delete this post after all the current orders are settled.]

This post is for SHINee's SHINee World Concert REPLICA Tees!

(credits to the picture owners).

The tees have 5 designs, one for each member! They are true to the pictures above.

There are only 3 sizes available, S to L, and do allow 1-2cm of difference in measurement. 

Each tee is $25 (excluding transport charges, postage charges etc). The estimated arrival time is 3 weeks from the date of payment if there are no hiccups.

If you're not from Singapore, you may still purchase as I ship internationally :D

Jasmine [$50 (individual spree) + $8.85 international postage to Malaysia] - Minho, S & Taemin, L [PAID]
Stephany [$25 + $11.50 reg. surface mail to USA] - Onew, L [PAID]
Emily [$50 + $13.30 international postage to USA * 6% total] - Taemin, M*2 [PAID]
Jacqueline [$25 + free meetup at Sengkang] - Taemin, M [PAID]

*Collected orders are in orange.

  *Regarding supply :  
Each tee will only be $20 if you get 15 and above in a go, able to mix and match the designs :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kpop Merchandise #13


SPREE #13 OPENED TILL 24 JANUARY 2012 23:45.

Do tell (leave a comment or email) me what Kpop Merchandise you are interested in, and I'll find the price for you! My supplier has a shop in Korea, so everything is available unless it is out of stock or not available.  Items take around a week to arrive.
  • Albums
  • Calendars & Diaries
  • DVDs
  • Handphone straps
  • Lightsticks
  • Nametags
  • Official Merchandise (e.g. BEAST Season Greeting – So, BEAST 2011)
  • Poster Sets
  • Miscellaneous (e.g. Plush pig-rabbit toy from “You’re Beautiful”)
These are the items available for order. You name it, we have it :D Please give details like singer/band, item name, and if preferably pictures too if the item that you want is not listed in the product list. Any inquiries or orders or reviews, please leave a comment regarding it. For items with prices labelled 'To be confirmed', I will ask my supplier for the price after somebody has requested for it. New items of the month are highlighted in orange.

감사합니다! ^^

*I would be submitting the orders for each spree to my supplier on the day she closes it. Thus, please make payment by 24th December for this spree, or else it would be dragged to the next month's spree. There will a be Kpop spree every month which sells typically everything and anything. You can always order at any point of time, and your order will be sent in to my supplier during the latest/next spree available AFTER YOU HAVE MADE PAYMENT.

**Do check out the Promotions' corner regularly for cheap deals!

***I have various suppliers, and I will check each and every supplier for the cheapest price for your item ^^ So do tell me if you have anything that you are interested in :D

****Do take note I am not responsible if the item(s) are dirty, as I'm only in charge of passing them to you and they have always been wrapped in plastic. As for posters, my supplier sends them over rolled, WITHOUT ANY COVERING. So, I am not liable if the posters (the back) are a little dirty. I place all my customers' posters in my poster tubes that I bought at home, so they would not get dirty. No refunds/exchange will be made.

Please go to the product list for more information and check out the promotion corner!

Spree #13's orders:

          *Regarding supply : 
Supply rates are all $1.50 off the usual price but for nametags and handphone straps, $0.50 off. Capping at 10 for everything available in this post. Able to mix and match ANYTHING as long they are available in the product list.
Specially requested items might require different capping because they are from another supplier. (I have several suppliers.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hi people, this is my post for ALL my instocks ~ I will update any time, so do keep a lookout here! :D

Japanese Hiragana Keyboard Sticker
  1. Opaque black background with yellow Japanese characters and white English characters.
  2. Good for keyboard with faded alphabets.
  3. High quality and durable.
  4. Printed in Canada.
  5. Each sticker is 13mm tall and 11mm wide.
  6. True to picture.
  7. Printings are accurate. Please request for a self-taken photograph if interested.
BRAND NEW (no stickers were removed from the template).
Only 1 available.
Selling because my cousin doesn't need it ~
$10 w/ free normal postage.

Cat Tote Bag
  1. Can fit A4.
  2. Zipped opening and an inner pocket.
  3. Made of canvas and of very good quality.
  4. A simple and sweet design, just right for a study date with your friends!
  5. True to picture.
  6. Printings are sharp and bag material is think. Please request for a self-taken picture if interested.
BRAND NEW (still in plastic).
Only 1 available.
$10 w/ free meetup at my convenience.

B1A4 - Let's Fly (2011) Album

BRAND NEW (still in plastic).
No poster available (originally).
Only 1 available (bought extra by accident).
$20 w/ free meetup at my convenience.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Taobao Spree

Click here to start shopping!
Do tell (comment or email) if you have any inquiries or language barrier! Please give me the LINK of the item page.
Shipping information:
  • Air shipping: $9 for first 500g; $5 for subsequent 500g
Estimated shipping time: 3 days
  • Sea shipping: $7 for first 500g; $3 for subsequent 500g 
    Estimated shipping time: 20 days 
    • Special shipping: $13 for first 500g; $7 for subsequent 500g
    Estimated shipping time: 5 days 
    *Weight less than 500g will also be counted as 500g.
    **Special shipment is for high value; fragile and sensitive items like cosmetics, liquids, creams, batteries, hard-disks, air-tight food, counterfeits & etc.
    This is just an estimate time arrival for the duration of time from China to Singapore (not including the postage time in China itself), I cannot give any guarantee. Arrival time all depends on the seller in Taobao, if they send out the item slow, we can’t do anything except to rush them and patiently wait.

    2 payments will be required.
    How to calculate the cost for EACH item:
    • First payment (item)
    If you buying only 1 item from a particular shop:
    [Item price(一 口 价) x Qty + 快递] = Total in RMB
    Total RMB/4.5 (exchange rate) * 1.1 (tax) + $1 handling fee = Item total in SGD
             If you are buying multiple items from a particular shop:
             [Item price(一 口 价) x Qty] = Item A's price in RMB (do the same for the other items)
             Total ITEM RMB + 快递 (once) = Total in RMB
             Total RMB/4.5 (exchange rate) * 1.1 (tax) + $1 handling fee (for each item) = Item total in SGD
    • Second payment (shipping)
    You will be told the amount after the items have arrived Singapore.
    Do take note that if you buy multiple items from a same shop, you just need to pay the 快递 once.

    Please do not buy anything that is illegal, or not allowed in Singapore. I am not liable if your items gets delayed or confiscated by the custom. I will notify you if any of the items you buy are not allowed (however, I am not sure exactly what are okay and what are not allowed). This is the link for the list of prohibited items in Singapore.

    Not responsible for any wrong size, color, design, lost or defect items.
    Items sold are non-refundable, returnable nor exchangeable.
    We shall share losses if the seller in Taobao MIAs (do take note I get the goods through an agent).

    *Orders will be submitted within 24 hours after you have made payment.

    **You will be notified first hand when I know the accurate shipment fee for your item(s), and you will be required to transfer me the money before I CAN COLLECT THE GOODS. If I do not receive the 2nd payment by the date of the collection of the items, you will need to pay an extra $5 when I pass you the item(s). If you opted for postage, I will not send the items until I have received the money in my bank.

      *Regarding supply :
      Handling fee will be just $0.70 for each item. Minimum an order of 10 items from a SAME shop.

      Thursday, November 04, 2010

      General Questions - FAQ

      Hi peeps!

      Joyce Fashion Shop has reopened once again with a brand new floral look and new items that are not commonly found. I am currently taking stocks straight from DIRECT SUPPLIERS so stuff that I sell here are cheaper than other shops (:

      I hope you would like my new concept for Joyce Fashion Shop which is organized easy shopping! As usual, do read the rules and regulations before ordering (:

      To order, post a comment on the item post with your name, email and the items you want with their size and color (if available). I will contact you through your email and request for your personal information then.
      For inquiries, post a comment on the item post with your question and email, preferably.
      Also, please leave a review for the items you have purchased (:

      Generally, this is the FAQ post. Questions that have no relation with the items are asked here (:

      Hopefully, I will earn more money, you will love the stuff, and we will be happy with one another! This is an ideal win-win situation, don't you agree?


      p/s Please click on the Nuffnang ads if there are, thank you (: